Judiciary Committee Procedures


  • To request adjudication on a matter by the Judiciary committee, a team should submit a letter to the league via e-mail within 7 days of the matter in question.
  • If there exists an e-mail address for the Judiciary committee, the address will be provided on the MSCL website. The request should then be submitted to the Judiciary committee via that e-mail address.
  • In case there is no e-mail address for the Judiciary committee on the MSCL website, the request should be submitted to the league by sending an e-mail to "exec" and add "@mscl.org" after it.
  • which will then be forwarded to the Judiciary committee.
  • The Judiciary committee will convene within 2 weeks of a letter being sent to the league.
  • In case a Judiciary committee member is unavailable for the hearing, the President of the league will appoint a replacement member from the Executive committee so as not to delay the hearing process.