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sMASSh T20 Updates Wednesday, 3rd September 2014  
sMASSh T20

The inaugural sMASSh T20 carnival organized by MSCL was a huge success. 12 teams registered for the tournament and Over 180+ players participated in the event on August 30, 31 and Sept 1, 2014 (Labor day weekend). Over 800+ people witnessed the grand finale on September 1 evening at Franklin Field 1. The winners were awarded $5000 check and for runners up $1000 check along with trophies.

Big thanks to the the organizing committee who worked tirelessly and made it possible.

1. Ravi Rao
2. Joseph Buffong
3. Jaideep Reddy
4. Lall Balgobin
5. Manas Sahu

Summary of the scores and match details.

Day 1:

Wrentham 2:
9:30 AM: St CCC vs Crowned Eagles. SCCC 139 in 20. Crowned Eagles 141 in 18.3. MOM: Trion Forde 41*(22)

12:30PM: NY Strikers vs Oxford Knights. Strikers 141. OK 142 in 20. MOM: Jaideep Reddy 2/25 and last ball 6

3:30PM: Crowned Eagles vs NY Strikers. NYS 126 in 20. C Eagles 127 in 16.4. MOM: Trion Forde 56*(36)

Franklin Field 2:
9:30AM: Punjab CC vs Kings XI Punjab. PCC 215 in 20. Kings 43 all out. MOM: Umer 50(30)

12:30PM: Golden Eagles vs Kings XI. Golden Eagles 189 in 20. Kings 135 in 20. MOM: Anil Kumar Yedugani 48(32)

3:30PM: NECC vs Punjab CC. NECC 82 in 15. PCC 85 in 8 overs. MOM: Asad 35

Franklin Field 1:
9:30 AM: G Eagles vs NECC. G Eagles 199 in 20. NECC 133 in 20 overs. MOM: Qayyum 73*(34)

12:30PM: Lagaan CC vs Conway CC. Conway 245 in 20. Lagaan 175. MOM: Nickoy Samuels 95*(44)

3:30PM: Commonwealth CC vs NECC Philly. CCC 213 in 20. NECCP 120. MOM: Qasim Butt 56*(34)

Day 2:

Franklin Field 1:
9:30 AM: Punjab CC vs NECC Philly. PCC 148 in 20. NECCP 110 all out. MOM: Adnan 52(30)

12:30 PM: Comm CC vs NECC. CCC 237 in 20. NECC 170 in 20. MOM: Hashim Khan 84*(40)

3:30PM: CCC vs Kings XI. Kings 133 in 15. CCC 108 in 10. MOM: Ali Rana 55*(30)

Franklin Park:
9:30AM: Lagaan CC vs Oxford Knights. Lagaan 127. OK 128 in 14.5. MOM: Srikant Mokka 72(46) & Jaideep Reddy 4 wkts including hat-trick

12:30PM: Crowned Eagles vs Lagaan CC. Lagaan 203. Eagles 167. MOM: Haider Khan 101*

3:30PM: Oxford Knights vs SCCC. SCCC 121. OK 123 in 12. MOM: Pratik Dudhane50*(34)

Franklin Field 2:
9:30AM: Conway CC vs SCCC. Conway 229 in 20. SCCC 112. MOM: Nick Hay 101*

3:30PM: Golden Eagles vs NECC Philly. NECCP 92 in 15. G Eagles 93 in 5.3. MOM: Muqadas Raza 47(15)

Day 3

Semi Finals:

Franklin Field 1:
10:00 AM: Golden Eagles vs Conway CC. Conway 210 in 20 overs. Eagles 105 all out. MOM: Everton Nelson (Conway) 81(45)

Franklin Park:
11:00 AM: Oxford Knights vs Punjab CC. Punjab 204 in 20. OK 86 all out. MOM: Abdullah (Punjab) 59 runs


Franklin Field 1:
Conway CC vs Punjab CC. Conway 123 in 20. Punjab 124 in 16.4. MOM: Naveed (Pubjab CC) 45*

Individual Trophies:

Most Sixes: Umer (Punjab CC) - 14 sixes
Best Batsman: Oniel Powell (Conway CC) - 191 Runs
Best Bowler: N Adil (Punjab CC) - 14 wickets
Best Fielder: Abdullah S (Punjab CC) - 9 catches
MVP: Oniel Powell (Conway CC)

sMASSh T20 2014 Runners Up: Conway CC

sMASSh T20 2014 Champions: Punjab CC (NY)

Thanks to the sponsors of sMASSh T20 2014:
Crystal Realty (Donovan Blake)

The next edition will be during 2015 labor day weekend.


Playoff schedule - 40 overs Wednesday, 3rd September 2014  
Congratulations to the teams who made to playoffs. The following are the rankings of the teams.

Division 1:

1. Eagle A - 57 points - NRR +0.967
2. Commonwealth A - 45 points
3. Conway CC - 42 points - NRR +0.740
4. BGSC A - 42 points - NRR +0.506
5. Lagaan - 42 points - NRR +0.321
6. Star - 42 points - NRR +0.191

Division 2:

1. Challengers - 48 points
2. Umass - 45 points
3. BGSC C - 42 points
4. Caricom - 39 points
5. Hawks - 36 points - NRR +0.336
6. BGSC E - 36 points - NRR +0.330
7. Boston CC - 36 points - NRR +0.030 (not qualified for playoffs)
8. Eagle B - 36 points - NRR -0.306 (not qualified for playoffs)
9. Merrimack Valley - 36 points NRR -0.678 (not qualified for playoffs)

Division 3:

1. Colonial CCC - 66 points
2. NE Royals - 51 points
3. Eagle C - 48 points - NRR +1.135
4. NECC Tigers - 48 points - NRR +1.016
5. St Columbas - 45 points
6. BU - 42 points - NRR +0.526
7. UAA - 42 points - NRR +0.257 (not qualified for playoffs)

Reserve day - There will be 1 reserve day for all the regular season playoff games.

Quarter finals:
If Sept 6 quarter finals are washed out the games will be moved to Sept 7.
If the games are not possible to play on Sept 7 also, then the rank #3 and rank #4 will advance to Semi finals.

Semi finals:
If Sept 7 semi finals are washed out then they are moved to Sept 13 or 14 (depending on the availability of the fields). If the games are not possible to play on Sept 13 or 14 also then the top 2 teams will advance to finals.

If the games on Sept 13 & 14 are washed out will be moved to Sept 20 & 21. If still unplayable then both the finalists are declared as joint winners.

The final deadline for all the playoffs is Sept 20 & 21st.

Teams need to be flexible to play on immediate next day and also ensure they have fields to host the games (until semis).

In order to be a game official the team batting second has to play 20 overs or 50% of total overs agreed at the start of the games (in the delayed start & reduced overs scenario). For target run rates read rule 6.4.

Players Eligibility
As per rule 15.6, a player need to play minimum 3 games to qualify for playoffs. Check the stats pages for the eligibility of the players. No separate list will be published.


MSCL TEAM - ACF Championship Friday, 18th July 2014  
MSCL is participating in the American Cricket Championship League organized by American Cricket Federation ( Our league is placed in New England division and the winners of this division will play with other regions in Oct/Nov.

MSCL games are on July 19 (MA), August 9 (CT), August 23 (CT) and August 30 (MA). Please check the schedule page on our website under other events.

Based on the performance of the players 30 players were shortlisted and communication has been sent to the players/team captains.

The following are the playing 12 for the first game played at Wrentham 2 on July 19 at 11am.

Andy Singh
Donny Clarke
Fazal Alam
Hashim Khan
Jaideep Reddy
Kartik Shah
Muqadas Raza
Nathan Green
Raghunandan Sridhar
Sharaz Baksh
Vivek Bhownani
Zeshan Muhammad


MSCL Youth League Friday, 11th July 2014  

MSCL is excited to announce MSCL Youth League starting from July 26.

This is open for all the kids between 8 - 16 years.

There will be 4-6 T15 or T20 games scheduled from July 26 thru August 24 between youth teams. All the games will be played with regular/hard tennis balls (based on the age group).

The games will be played on the weekend mornings (8-11am) or evenings (4-7pm) based on the fields availability. The complete schedule will be published once we know the total teams participating.

Request all the member clubs to register their youth teams. If you cannot field a youth team, please register all the youth players who are interested to play. MSCL will make a new team and add the players. Even if you happens to know 1 kid please send the details. No need to worry about the skill levels of the kids. We will organize 1-2 sessions to get them understand the game. Please register the players and/or teams by Friday, July 18 .

There is NO FEE for registering the youth teams or for players. MSCL will sponsor the trophies and we are trying to get a sponsor for T-shirts & caps (approx $1000). If you know any sponsor please send the details to Manas Sahu. We can publish their logos in the T-shirts.

Request everyone to support this initiative as it would help the league in long run.

For further details on this youth league, please reach out to Barry Jackman, Darshan Tumkar and Ravi Rao.


MSCL T20 Tournament - Labor day weekend Friday, 11th July 2014  

MSCL is organizing a T20 tournament during Labor day weekend (August 30, 31, Sept 1).

Cash Prizes
Winners - $5000
Runners Up - $2000

The entry fee is $500.

The tournament is open to any MSCL or non MSCL teams.

It\'s an open tournament and no restrictions on number of local or outside players.

There will be max of 16 teams participating in this tournament.

Teams can use their own color jerseys.

White Balls and umpire fees are covered in the entry fees.

No refreshments are provided. Refreshments will be available for purchase at the playing venues for nominal prices.

Format: Teams will be grouped in 4 pools. All the teams will play 3 games within the pool and pool toppers will advance to playoffs.

The complete rules and venues of the tournament will be posted once the teams are finalized.

Interested teams can register by sending email to Jaideep Reddy and Lall Balgobin along with check of $500 payable to MSCL no later than Friday, August 1, 2014.


T20 Rules Wednesday, 25th June 2014  

The T20 rules are updated on the website.

Please be familiar with the T20 rules especially - Rule 4, 8, 11 and 14 .

Please note it\'s both the playing teams responsibility to setup the field (matting, boundary marks, 30 yards) during the morning games and take them off during the evening games.


MSCL 2014 Registered Players Tuesday, 27th May 2014  
Please click the below link for the 2014 season registered players.

MSCL Registered Players

As per rule 15.2 to register a new player, please send e-mail to Nitin Mewada (Statistician) and Barry Jackman (Secretary)


August 2nd game status Saturday, 2nd August 2014  
The games at the below venues are called off -

1. Barry Field
2. Shrewsbury
3. Franklin Field 2
4. Livingston St. Park
5. Almont Park

Decision on the remaining games will be taken at the field as per rule 6.5.


MSCL 2014 T20 Schedule Tuesday, 27th May 2014  
MSCL T20 Schedule will be updated by June 1.

The following dates are reserved for T20 games.

June - 28, 29
July - 26, 27
August - 16, 17
September - 20, 21
September - 27, 28 (playoffs)