President’s Message


Welcome to the Massachusetts State Cricket League!!!

We are a non-profit, recreational organization comprised of players, members and volunteers who share an interest in the game of cricket from all over the world.

One of our missions is to promote the game of cricket throughout Massachusetts and surrounding regions. We encourage everyone regardless of socio-economic background, culture, language group, age, to join and contribute to the leagues success. The main objective of this league is to provide opportunities for cricket enthusiast to play cricket and enjoy the competition and sportsmanship associated with the game of cricket. We really are looking to expand and increase opportunities to play and enjoy cricket throughout the state of Massachusetts, especially schools and communities. We rely on the work of volunteers/players to establish and sustain recruitment initiatives as well as, work with other states in the North-East and the United States Cricket Association and its officers.

Cricket in Massachusetts is played in the spring, summer and fall, cricket enthusiasts have access to a cricket pitch and practice wickets located all over Massachusetts. The Massachusetts State Cricket League and its members, in partnership with the United States Cricket Association maintain and groom the ground for competitive league and recreational play. During the winter months, indoor practice games are organized on a regular basis as well. Training sessions are being offered to veterans and novices alike to provide an opportunity to hone the basics of their game.

The Massachusetts Cricket League believes strongly that the future and foundation of cricket in State of Massachusetts will be based on school children embracing the sport. We are planning and focusing our efforts on promoting the game to school children through phys-ed programs, community programs offered at facilities such as the YMCA, and on-going recruitment of players. We recently launched the program “One Club One School” to promote the game of cricket among school kids.

My name is Manas Sahu and if you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at