Target Runs Calculation


Rules for calculating new target score when the second innings of a match is interrupted.


Target = A + (B * C) + 1




A = number of runs scored by the team batting first at the over when the interruption occurs
B = Number of overs remaining to be played
C = Run Rate of team batting first over the last B number of overs in their innings.




Team Two's innings is interrupted after they have faced 20 overs. The interruption lasts for 40 minutes. Therefore, based on rule 6.4, 10 overs will be lost. Therefore, team Two will have to face additional 10 overs. Their score at the interruption is 86.


Team One had scored 102 runs after the 20th over. After 28 overs, their score was 148. They were all out after 38 overs with a total of 190.


Based on 102 + (10 * 4.20) + 1, Team Two will therefore have to score a total of 145 or 59 additional runs in the ten remaining overs, to win the match.