Twenty20 Tournament Rules
Revised: June 24, 2014
Updated By: Joseph Buffong, Ravi Rao (Rules Committee 2014-2015)



The laws/rules as stated in the following documents will govern any situation that is not specifically covered in the MSCL rules:

In any situation where there is a perceived ambiguity in these rules, the umpires will make a decision on the field of play. Thereafter, the interpretation will lie with the Judiciary Committee with input from the Rules Committee.

  1 All matches will be 20 overs per innings.

All the games have to start as per the schedule time and incase of any delays penalties would apply as per MSCL Rule 2.

  3 Each innings will be of 80 minutes and the innings break is 10 minutes.

The fielding restrictions will be in effect for first 6 overs of each innings. During the first 6 overs (power play) only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle and during the non power play overs (7 to 20) there must be at least four fielders (excluding the wicket keeper) inside the 30-yard circle.

  5 Bowling Restrictions:

Each bowler can bowl maximum of 4 overs per innings.

    b For all other instances MSCL Rule 8 would apply.
  6 Aborted and Delayed Matches:


If light or weather conditions make it impossible to start the game at the scheduled time the game can be delayed until a minimum 10 overs game can be played. In order to call off the game, the umpire(s) and both the team captains have to agree on the weather conditions and decide to call off the game.

For all other instances MSCL Rule 6 would apply.

  7 MSCL Rule 13 would apply to determine the results of the game and advancement of the team to playoffs.
  8 Matting and Ground Preparation for the match:

The two teams (Home & Visiting) which are assigned morning games will be responsible for

  i. Set up the mat for the whole days play
  ii. Set up the boundary markers for the whole days play
  iii. Set up the 30 yard circle for the whole days play
  iv. Provide the stumps/bails for the whole days play
    8.2 The two teams playing the second match on a given day will be responsible for the following:

At the end of the match, take the matting out , collect the boundary markers and markers if any used for the 30 yard circle, stumps, bails and place them in an orderly fashion to be collected and transported by the team that set up the field for play in the morning.

  9 Players eligibility will be determined as per the MSCL Rule 15. The player who played his last regular season game with a particular team can only play for the same team in T20.
  10 Teams can register new players to their existing rosters but No player movements are allowed.
  11 In order to be eligible to participate in the playoffs, a player must have played at least two T20 games.

The teams have to comply rule 16 for submission of scorecards.

  13 The umpire fee is $50 per team per game.
  14 Forfeit Games: If any team forfeits a T20 game, they need to pay the umpire fees of $100 (includes the opponent team umpire fees) and in addition $100 fine to the league.
  15 All other MSCL Rules applies.